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Lately, I've been on a tear with my writing. This month alone, I've submitted 19 deviations! ^.^
However, at this rate, I may pass up the poems I've written and not stop to appreciate them; I also put myself at risk of burnout. That's why, for now at least, I'm putting my focus solely on art for others.

To-do list:
1. Art trade for :iconmysancuarylittlepony:
2. Art trade for :icontaleweavernlm:
3. Commission for :iconkenjisama:

Don't worry, my poetry isn't done for a long time. Just gonna slow it down, stop and smell the roses, mostly figurative ones. :) 
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Don't know where to look, because all the objects I usually see

Are obscured by pure shadow, a blob of darkness mocking me.

Right into something hard I go; OW! My poor nose! 

Kicking in frustration accomplishes nothing sans injuring my toes.

Not sure what to do except wait for the passing of the pesky pain,

Enduring both it and the angry cries bouncing about in my brain.

Sudden realization hits me as I stand sore and still:

Stupid me once again forgot to pay the electric bill. 

In The Dark
First things first... *inhale*

So, I have a prompt submission for Unseen-Writers, to go with their theme of darkness as seen below:

"Often times, darkness can either be a peaceful place to sleep away the night, or it is a terrifying area of facing strange noises you cannot see.. No matter where you go, shadows follows you, stalks you. But something that dark needs light to shine on it, or it wouldn't exist. Without light, no darkness could ever form. Darkness is not its own being, but simply the absense of light.
You can hide in darkness, maybe even find a strange solace in darkness.
Angels would say to stay out of the darkness, for it is a bad place. But it can be a peaceful place too. You need shade to relax well, but evil may be hiding there too.
Use your dark ink to write your works regarding anything to do with darkness."

What I chose to do was create a piece about one who is trapped in the dark, trying to find a way out. Will the truth be found? How long will it take? Only the poem holds the answers. ;P

As always, I hope all who choose to read this poem enjoy it~! 


"I miss Tanya already," Alicia moaned, sweeping up clumps of blonde hair from the day's first customer. "Why did her vacation have to end so quickly?"

"You know," Lily said with a roll of her eyes, "calling it a vacation doesn't seem accurate, seeing as all we really did was dye hair, go to the hospital, stuff our faces and get that old TV out of storage to watch bad horror movies."

"Raina's reactions were better than the actual movies," Alicia said with loud giggling. "She acted like she'd never even heard of horror films before!"

Raina sure is strange, Lily thought, seeing someone outside heading towards the salon. Then again, Tanya and the two of us aren't even close to being normal people. Now that I think about it, she's never told me or Alicia exactly what she does at her job. Well, whatever goes on there, I'm sure it's something that fits their unique personalities. And hopefully, she kept a smile on her face, the stuff that went down during vacation won't get in the way of their work. That is, She happily welcomed the customer as they entered the salon, if Tanya's actually awake enough for anything to get in her way.


"Ugggggh, too early... five more hours..."

Alisa wasn't having any of Tanya's sleepy chat, and the threat of magic usage had the Green Beast emerging from her room, jacket wrapped around her neck and body covered by a pizza-stained gray top.

"Simply disgraceful!" Alisa scolded. "Roll down your pant legs, put on your other boot, actually put your jacket on and zip it up! You cannot stand before Her Ladyship on such a momentous day dressed like a mindless barbarian!"

"Good morning," Tanya replied, putting on her black jacket and matching boot.

"Honestly," Alisa said grumpily, "don't you have anything more formal to wear?"

"I'd rather be a crappily-dressed casual," Tanya stated, "then wear the same red and pink eyesore every day."

Ignore her, Alisa. The two headed for the throne room, Alisa leading the way and doing her best to ignore Tanya's frequent yawning. You have more important things to think about.


A new day came with the usual outfit for Yuriko. When her eyes fluttered open, she fought against the weight of tiredness and rose from bed, getting dressed without offering her body any time to shake off its fatigue. First came her black dress and fishnet stockings, then  a heavy yawn, after which the armbands and tiara were put on, each of their jewels shimmering like the queen's ambitious eyes. Once her hands were covered by white gloves, they seized her scepter.

"I'm sorry you've had to play the waiting game for so long," Yuriko muttered, "but if all good things must come to an end, surely bad things must obey the same rule. If that rule doesn't exist," she opened the door and strutted into the corridor, "I'll write it into existence."


By the end of this day, many potential outcomes may or may not have come to pass.

Raina's yellow robe flowed behind her as she headed for the throne room. She put on her glasses as she walked, all the while contemplating what she was going to spend her day doing.

Yuriko, Zakura, Luka... my hands will help determine all of your destinies. I hope the strength I possess is enough to bestow upon each of you a fate worthy of who you are.

Raina was the last of the four to reach the throne room, and when she stood in line with the yawning Tanya and attentive Alisa, the eager Yuriko spoke from her throne.

"That was quite the vacation!" She exclaimed with a clap of her hands. "I know I gained plenty from this experience, and I sure hope all of you ladies can say the same."

Damn right, Tanya thought, fists clenched. I've learned more than enough to do what I gotta do. It ain't gonna be an easy job, but the Green Beast is ready for anything life tries to piss her off with.

Whatever happens, Raina thought, hands down at her side, I will not surrender to despair. I will honor mother by finding the happiness she believed in. I will prove that happiness is in fact possible to attain.

In mother's name, Alisa thought, scowl on her face, Zakura and every foul piece of filth who worships her name shall learn what becomes of those who seek to flood this existence with darkness.

"I'm not sure what to make of the silence," Yuriko replied with wide eyes and a tilt of her head. "I guess you're all either super serious about our mission or so tired that you're sleeping with your eyes open."

"Certainly not!" Alisa said with a bow. "Milady, that is Tanya's responsibility, and I wouldn't dare deprive her of such a sacred duty. At least," she sneered at Tanya, "a duty someone like her finds sacred."

Tanya giggled uncontrollably. "Sacred duty."

"We are all ready," Raina spoke up, "to save this existence under your command."

"Now that's more like it!" Yuriko rose from her throne, scepter and body surrounded by her aura. "Before we do what must be done, I can't help but ask: did you all enjoy changing hair colors as much as I did?" She ran a hand through her hair, which was once again pink. "While it just feels right to do serious work with my natural color, I would love walking down a different path again sometime."

"I hear ya," Tanya replied. "Turquoise time was fun, but being a literal Green Beast again just feels right."

"We all did well with a human practice most of us have little experience with," Raina added. "I must credit you, Alisa, for your display of improvement during your second attempt at coloring Her Ladyship's hair."

"It was easy to improve," Alisa said with a small smirk. "After all, I've faced challenges far greater than-"

"Yeah yeah yeah we've heard that song before," Tanya interrupted. "How about we listen to the boss finish her inspiring speech instead?"

"Speech?" Yuriko blushed and shook her head. "I guess you could call it that, in which case I better finish so we can get moving." She cleared her throat and pointed forward triumphantly. "For the salvation of every soul in desperation," her voice quieted as she spoke, "let us head towards our next task..." she shook her head and spoke in a louder tone, "with our heads and spirits held higher than they have ever been!" Though I promise, dear Luka, my head and spirit will be lifted to an all-time high when you return.

Raina and Alisa each sprouted their wings, and Tanya and Yuriko each hitched a piggyback ride.

"Milady," Alisa asked worriedly, "are you sure you'll be fine without your powers for some time?"

"For some time," Yuriko said softly. "If it goes on too long," she made a devious smirk, "'fine' won't be a word one could use to describe my feelings. Still, I don't want to be impatient and rush you," she dropped her scowl in a blink of Alisa's eyes, "so just focus on doing your best for all of us!"

Alisa nodded and joined Raina in summoning a portal, their pointer fingers wrapped around each other and pressed against their chests. "Gate between worlds..." the golden and turquoise orbs each of them were generating pulsated with energy, "tremble before my power..." their fingers were pulling apart, their bodies bent at a ninety-degree angle, "AND OPEN!"


I wonder, Bethany took a sip of her coffee, if I should tell Teran about the news report I saw the other day. She watched the boy wrap his scarf around his neck and fetch his backpack. Would he react with shock if I told him about a girl who sprouted wings and flew into a portal that suddenly appeared on the ground? He might, or, she took another sip of coffee, the city right next to ours might just be full of loonies. Since that certainly is a possibility given the lack of video evidence and all the crazy stories going regularly around thanks to the media, she put down her coffee and licked some off her lips, I don't think either of us worrying about it will accomplish anything.

"I'm all ready for school," Teran said, standing by the apartment door.

"In that case," Bethany stood up, knocking over her coffee, "I'd better..." she rolled her eyes and dashed to the kitchen counter to get paper towels, "clean up this mess and get ready myself. With that rare day off, going back to work is going to feel rather strange, but I welcome it all the same."

"It was nice having you home when I got home yesterday," Teran said cheerily. "Walking inside and seeing you standing by a casserole dish was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits."

"I'm just glad the casserole didn't go the way of my coffee," Bethany grumbled. "Just watch, next time that will probably, no, most certainly happen!"

Teran took some paper towels and helped Bethany wipe up the stain. The latter covered her orange top with her doctor's coat, wrapped a lavender scarf around her neck and guided Teran by the hand out of their apartment. They went downstairs and made their way to a silver car in the back of the parking lot, positioned so Bethany could get what she called her "daily dose of exercise" in. Teran loved to reply with "great fitness plan, 'doctor'" and get a good tickling from Bethany in response. They were just about to enter the car when a whistle directed them to a quartet of young women standing on the nearby sidewalk and looking directly at them.

"I know you two aren't exactly looking for trouble," Tanya began, doing her best to sound formal, "but I think you'll find that the time you're about to spend with me and my mostly lovely associates here may or may not be troublesome, depending on your tastes of course."

"Ignoring part of that statement," Alisa said loudly, stepping forward, "we are here to fulfill a vital mission that will benefit both of you, all of us, and the entirety of existence itself."

Are they Jehovah's Witnesses or something? Bethany thought with a raised eyebrow. She took a look at Teran and gasped when she saw the fear in his eyes. Whoever they are, Teran sure doesn't seem to like them...

"You most likely do not understand what we are saying," Raina added, straightening her glasses. "Regardless, you have our word that your cooperation will go a long way to helping more people than you may be able to count."

Listen to them, Yuriko said with a sniffle. They all sound so confident and sure of themselves. Are you listening to their words, Luka? She placed her hands on her heart and sighed deeply, not noticing that most eyes turned to her. It's small progress but still, we're getting closer and closer to saving you with each passing second!

"What are you doing here?" Teran asked, keeping his gaze on Alisa. "Surely you of all people should know I want nothing to do with anything that'll supposedly 'benefit the entirety of existence itself.'"

Some passerby were stopping to stare at the group of strangely-dressed women. A mother and her little girl couldn't help but gawk, and an elderly man sitting on a nearby bench observed the whole scene. Bethany didn't notice any of the spectators, for she was too startled by hearing Teran speak with a resentment she hadn't heard in his voice before to pay close attention to her surroundings. He sounds scared and angry, but what's making him feel that way? And why does that girl in the red dress seem to be the focal point for his emotions? "Pardon me," she spoke and drew the attention of everyone, including Teran, "but the two of us have places we need to be and would rather not be late if you don't mind allowing-"

"No can do," Tanya interrupted. "We'd like to take the little guy on a trip, and we promise the expenses are covered."

"Teran is your name, yes?" Raina asked. "Please know that our intentions are not malicious. We would merely like to evaluate your abilities and intend to do so in a location where there will be little to no risk of bystanders being present and therefore potentially harmed."

"Let me put it simply," Alisa said, surprising Tanya by having a warm smile on her face. "You despise the mere name of Lady Zakura as much as I do, yes?"

Teran gasped. "How can you even say her name?" His face was pale, his hands shaking. "Why do you even want to think about that.... that..."

"Bitch?" Tanya chimed in. "I know the lady probably doesn't want someone your age using curse words," she winked at Bethany, who was looking agitated, "but you're gonna learn them sooner or later, maybe even from her when she stubs her toe against a brick wall or something."

"Staying on topic," Alisa refused to look at Tanya, "I'm going to be completely blunt, little boy." She extended a hand, a smile still on her face. "Come with us, show us what power your Hellfire possesses, and help us stop Zakura from regaining physical existence."

"They're still trying to revive her?" Teran mumbled sadly. "Are... are those bad people still after me?"

"I'm afraid so," Yuriko said, stepping forward and frowning. "They're planning to take you away from your lovely guardian and use the fire inside you to resurrect their ruler. If that happens," she lowered her head and spoke in a barely-audible whisper, "so many people are going to die for the sake of a twisted, black-hearted cause."

"I'm afraid," Bethany said sharply, "that Teran's hobbies don't include any twisted, black-hearted causes. I greatly appreciate your offer to help, but I can tell Teran doesn't plan to accept it, so-"

As she reached for Teran's hand, Alisa thrust both of her hands forward, directing them at Bethany. When golden shackles took shape around Bethany's wrists and ankles, Teran thrust his hands forward, let out a furious cry of "I WON'T LET YOU HURT BETHANY!" and turned the shackles from golden to black. Bethany had taken one step away from Teran when the shackles were golden, and once they were black she came to a halt.

Amazing. Raina watched the shackles dissipate. He is but a child and was able to counter Alisa with little reaction time given. She heard a squeal and looked at the nearby little girl, who was being pushed away by her frightened mother. The old man merely sat there in shock, cane falling out of his bony hands. "What you have just done," Raina said when she saw Alisa about to open her mouth, "proves why we need your cooperation to stop the intentions of Zakura's followers."

For just a moment, Bethany rubbed her wrists, which had small red marks on them that didn't hurt, I felt like all the feeling in my arms and legs vanished. It was like my limbs weren't even there, but I still took a step. Her legs were shaking, and so were her arms as she tried to grasp her legs and make them stop. Did that girl do all of this, or... she took deep breaths, is this Teran I'm feeling?


"I don't get it. I just don't get it."

"I don't get it either, so why don't you tell me what you aren't getting and then maybe I'll be able to get it as well?"

"You aren't trying to capture me, you aren't asking me to do anything against my will, and you aren't calling me a monster or cursing my existence. I don't understand why you're doing something nobody else has done before."

"Now that I get it, I can help you understand. I know well and good what it's like to be asked to do stuff against one's will, and I like to consider myself as much of an expert on having my existence cursed as I am on performing surgery."

"...You're saying that when you have no idea what I can do."

"I know what I can do, and that's lend a hand to a hurt child. After all, it's my job as both a doctor and a person."



Bethany pulled away from her thoughts upon hearing Teran's concerned voice. "What is it, Teran?"

"I don't know what to do." He sighed and ran into her arms. "I don't want to go with them, I really really don't wanna..." a tear slid onto Bethany's coat, "but I'm scared something bad will happen to you if I don't..."

"Teran," Bethany patted the boy's head, "I've always said I won't make you do anything you don't want to do, and I'll bet my comic collection on honoring those words."

Yuriko was looking at the nearby mother child, who had witnessed most of the confrontation and were stunned by what they saw. "I have to say, ma'am," the queen said to Bethany, "you're taking these sudden events much better than I would expect the average human to."

"Calling me average is like saying the four of you are average," Bethany replied confidently. "I've lived a life of decent length, and what I've been through isn't far off from the stories that turn ordinary people into superheroes." She sighed, but kept up her defiant expression. "Not that I'm a superhero, though that would be nice if a tragic backstory weren't more or less a requirement to be one."

I thought it was all over, Teran thought glumly. I thought I was safe from being hunted and attacked. Bethy told me I could leave the past behind, but now I can't.


"Truly marvelous. Such an explosion generated by a child of his age shows just how mighty black Hellfire is."

"With this child's gift, our mistress will reclaim the vessel she was forced to part ways with when that troublesome girl dared to rebel against her."

"I don't want to help you! I've seen you hurt people! My entire village is... because of you they're all..."

"If they wanted life, they shouldn't have stood against us. You, however, can avoid the path of destruction they chose to walk down."


It'll be just like before. Teran fell to his knees. I'm going to lose my home because of bad people. I'm going to have it taken away from me all over again.

"I don't mean to be rude," Yuriko said with a sickeningly sweet smile, "but we aren't planning to wait all day for a response, so it would be splendid to hear whether or not you're going to join us."

"If you can't already tell," Bethany said, eyeing Alisa and slowly stepping in front of Teran, "neither of us are really liking your plans. Personally, I've read enough comics and watched enough shows to know that accepting help from strangers who want to save the world has a good chance of blowing up in one's face."

"Your defiance is amusing," Alisa said with a small laugh, "but I don't think you want a reminder of what I can do."

"I-I don't think you want a reminder of what I can do," Teran said, matching Bethany's defiance.

Yuriko turned away from the conversation and looked at the small crowd of spectators watching the scene unfold. She could hear sentences such as "those girls look like they're on their way to a cosplay convention", "should we call the police?" and "did you see those weird shackle things that came out of nowhere? What kind of funky magic trick was that?"

"I'm getting bored," Tanya said loudly, raising her arms into the air and yawning. "I came here expecting to kick some ass and see some ass get kicked," she winked at Alisa, "so if I'm not gonna get those things then I ain't sticking around."

"I propose," Raina spoke up over Tanya, "we come to a conclusion before the gathering crowd has a chance to interfere." I do not want to risk any of them being harmed, she observed Teran and Bethany's bold stances, and I am certain those two feel the same way.

"Teran," Bethany said, stopping her sentence when the boy raised a hand.

"Bethy," Teran began, "I'm going to give them what they want. I'll fight, because they aren't going to leave unless I do."

"You won't," Bethany replied hotly. "I can see your legs shaking, I can hear the uneasiness in your voice."

"I don't want anyone else to die..." Teran spoke with deep shame. "I stood by and watched lots of people get killed because I didn't fight for them. This time, I have a chance to be stronger than I was then."

Damn, Tanya thought, the pipsqueak's got guts for someone who only reaches my waist. She laid back on the pavement, taking off her hat and scratching her head. That look in his eye, it just screams "tragic past" and says he's seen some shit. For crying out loud, can't people fight without having some major motivation? Simplicity is your friend, folks!

"Teran," Raina said, getting onto one knee, "we do not want to see Zakura return. I have witnessed her atrocities firsthand, thus I know why her name alone frightens you."

"It frightens me too," Yuriko said, voice melancholy and soft. "It frightens me because it's changed my very being..." her hands were thrown up into the air and swung around madly, "TWISTING AND TEARING AND PICKING ME APART LIKE SOME PLAYTHING FOR SMALL CHILDREN! THAT'S ALL I WAS TO HER, A TOY SHE USED UNTIL I WAS BROKEN, BUT IT WAS HER FAULT I BROKE!"

"Milady," Alisa took Yuriko's shoulders, "please remember what we're fighting for. Ours is a cause that will bring retribution upon the one who treated you like a mere toy."

"I suppose now's a good time to ask," Bethany began, "just who this Zakura is. She sounds like a pretty big-time villain, to say the least."

"I'm tired of that name," Teran said, teeth gritted, eyes watering. "I keep hearing it, and it's always linked to horrible things."

"You see how he feels," Raina said to Bethany. "Though frightened, a will within him burns as strongly as his fire. That will is coming alive for your sake, and I assure you letting it command his fire is the wise thing to do."

Bethany looked at Teran, and in his eyes she saw her younger self channeling a burning will of her own.


"I want to help people, actually help people."

"If you stay on the path to light, you can help lost souls stray from evil."

"I've listened to everything you told me, and I know you are far away from the light you keep talking about. Picketing funerals, condemning college students for simply living their lives, refusing to listen to those who call you hypocrites, all those things are nowhere near the path of light!"

"The same can be said for you, wretched child of the world! How dare you bite the hand that feeds you!"

"Say what you will, but my mind is made up."


Like me, Bethany felt her mind being eased, he's standing up for what he wants to get out of this world. He wants to fight against those who seek to keep him down, and for that he deserves my full support.

"Okay," Yuriko said bitterly, "it's time we came to a decision, lady and gentleman. Patience is something that heavily depends on my mood, and right now my mood is not equal to a high level of patience."

"Teran wants to fight," Bethany said, "and he will so long as I can tag along. I'm going to have my perfect attendance at work jeopardized," she kept her smile, "but when life gives you lemons, you hope the lemonade isn't poisoned."

"Personally," Tanya chimed in, "I say you squeeze the lemon juice in life's eyes to let them know that lemons aren't enough to get by in life, but different strokes and all that."

"Then," Alisa summoned her wings and watched Teran summon black ones, "let's find a place where we can battle without any disturbances."

"Coooooooool..." Bethany placed a hand on one of Teran's wings. "I had no idea you could do that."

"Hop on," Teran said, trying to keep his confidence going.

"H-Hop on?" Bethany tried to climb on but lost her grip and fell flat on her face. "Sounds simple until execution is attempted..."

After four failed attempts, Bethany was comfortably on Teran and amazed he wasn't strained by her weight. With Tanya and Yuriko hitching their own piggyback rides, the stunned crowd, one of whom was a police officer that requested backup when the wings were summoned, could only watch with amazement when the six took to the skies.

Today is interesting so far, Bethany thought, looking down at the hospital she worked at. Another day off, only this one is going to be spent watching my adoptive son fight people who are trying to stop a great evil from being resurrected. Her eyes narrowed. Assuming their story is true and not some clever evil scheme used to lure Teran into a trap. She felt a pit in her stomach threatening to merge with her entire being. I have to stay confident. I can't let Teran see I'm afraid. There's probably no chance of me being able to fight these ladies, so I just have to pray for Teran. She looked up at the sky. I'm still not sure if you're up there, but if you are, I'd greatly appreciate it if you were to help Teran out.

Bethy. Teran did his best to keep up with Alisa and Raina. I'm scared. I'm scared for me, I'm scared for you, and I'm scared for the future. All I can do to overcome that fear is fight. In his mind, an image of a burning village and bodies turning to ash flashed brightly. I must overcome the fear that kept me from saving them. His flight started to slow rather quickly, but Bethany's startled gasp put Teran back on a steady path.

"Being a mother is a big job, Teran. It's my responsibility to oversee your physical, mental and emotional health, supply your basic necessities, and do everything in my power to put a smile on your face."

You just won't give up on me. Teran flew faster, reaching the same speed as Raina and garnering a peace sign from Tanya. As badly as I want to let my fears drive me to run away, you're keeping me from doing that. A tear fell onto the busy freeway below. Thank you so much, Bethy. 

The Will to Change Everything V: Black Fire's Burn
The Hellfire saga continues as Yuriko and her followers head to the human world and track down Teran, who is with Bethany when fate suddenly takes a turn in a direction he hoped it would never go in. He possesses a power vital to reviving Zakura, but does he believe Yuriko and her servants when they claim they wish to stop the wicked demon's return? What can Bethany hope to do during this unusual brew of events? A figurative and literal storm are brewing, and both of those things will be unleashed in the next chapter. For now, enjoy this installment as Yuriko's plan finally gains some momentum. 

As always, I hope all who read this story enjoy the ride. :D 

Ink plops like raindrops.

Paper wets and comes to life;

The birth of writing.


Perhaps to write just means to wave a pen.

To ramble, babble, rant and speak your mind.

Or maybe there is more to witness when

One writes, hidden depths for the eye to find.



Hidden past words

Trained eyes look for meaning

Finding the true purpose of a



A poem about a simple breakfast,

Drinking milk, reading the paper,

May contain a metaphor

For one's daily routine

Being a dark trap

With no escape.

Boredom reigns,

Life is



To write is to saturate paper, create a literary lake

With secrets beneath the surface, if a dive you are willing to take.

I write to fill these lakes, bring ideas to life on a whim.

I invite all curious minds to come take a swim.

To Create Meaning
Writing-Condition's latest prompt just came up, and I've already got a submission for it! :3

"Now, for this week's prompt. College classes have started for me, and they have me thinking about the evolution of my writing and what I've learned along the way. Having already taken my first class, Poetry II, I came up with the idea for this week: share why you love to write, as if you were talking to somebody who has written very little and may not understand what makes it a form of art. How do you share your passion with someone who knows so little about the finesse and precise details behind it? A simple lecture or a poetic demonstration of what words can do? Use your passion to explain why that passion is a part of you."

I decided to use poetry, and not only that but multiple forms of it. I combine haiku, part of a Shakespearean sonnet, cinquain, nonet and two couplets to tell of why I write: to take what look like simple words on paper and put something behind those words. To create meaning, as the title says. :nod:

As usual, may all who read this piece enjoy it~ :heart: 


Surprising summer coolness,

The usual morning sleepiness,

And a car trunk with no extra room.


With these things handy, I say goodbye to home

And take the usual route down south

To begin year four of college life.


New challenges await this year,

In the form of a heftier than usual schedule

And contemplation of life after college.


Life itself may as well be the goddess of uncertainty,

For any contemplation my mind might tackle

Could be for absolute naught in the cruel mistress called future.


Assignments and tests will once more unleash their binding shackles,

Better enabling the sea of stress to pull me under its grimy waters

And offer no chance to resurface for air.


Nerves, a persistent pestilence with a will of titanium,

Never allow 
me to stray too far from their presence,

Acting as unwelcome moral guardians.


"This is too much for you" and "you'll never make it"

Are the morals they drill into my skull

With a sharper point each passing year.


My best hope is to tune out the sound of the drill,

Wade through the worrisome murk

And seek a more positive morality system.

It is a tedious, tiresome war of attrition

Yet, like waking up each day or nature's seasonal cycle,

It is nothing more than routine. 

College Routine
How about that? I just went back to college today and I'm already submitting the first assignment for my Poetry II class a day before the class even starts!
The assignment itself is due on Friday, but I like to get things out of the way early, so here's a new poem for you all. The I was asked to complete is:

"Ted Kooser writes : “The following poem by R. T. Smith (see pages 28 - 30 of The Poetry Home Repair Manuel) is another good example of how a poet can ease a reader into a poem through unintimidating, conversational language at the beginning. Notice how we are drawn in by what seem to be completely ordinary, everyday statements, and then, how after the poet has made us comfortable he offers us…hey! Mozart! From the appearance of the Mozart business the poem begins to lift out and away from the commonplace hardware store toward something bigger.”

 Try writing such a poem, due in class on Friday, August 28 (one hard copy)."

I decided to write such a poem about college life and the routines/customs that come with it. What starts off light and soft transitions to reveal that there is more to the college life than the surface might seem to offer. Though I'll be honest, despite what my poem says, I'm eager for this new semester all the same, with a chance to keep my rising GPA, well, rising and hopefully make some new friends and do stuff I enjoy doing along the way. :)


Lately, I've been on a tear with my writing. This month alone, I've submitted 19 deviations! ^.^
However, at this rate, I may pass up the poems I've written and not stop to appreciate them; I also put myself at risk of burnout. That's why, for now at least, I'm putting my focus solely on art for others.

To-do list:
1. Art trade for :iconmysancuarylittlepony:
2. Art trade for :icontaleweavernlm:
3. Commission for :iconkenjisama:

Don't worry, my poetry isn't done for a long time. Just gonna slow it down, stop and smell the roses, mostly figurative ones. :) 
  • Listening to: Instructor lecture
  • Reading: Higurashi manga
  • Watching: The Tick
  • Playing: Banjo-Kazooie


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Name's Teran (at least that's what I go by online), and I like video games, animated shows, and making up stories.
I am now doing requests!! If you would like to see an OC or OCs in a story or poem (of your choosing of course) please let me know. If there's any character or setting you want me to write about, I will gladly take on the challenge. I'll abide by anything you request, and I'm willing to take risks if that's what you want.
If you want a request, all you have to do is send me a note or leave a comment on my page. Requests are free of charge and there are no limits. I'm willing to go light or dark, gentle or risque, whatever floats your boat. .w.
So, if you ever get any ideas, lay 'em on me!

Here's some basic information about me if anybody is interested:

Grade: 2nd year of college at Missouri State University
Major: English
Career Goal: Author
Appearance: 6 feet tall, long dark hair, lot of facial hair, hazel eyes, skinny build (I ain't posting a picture of me because I'm too ugly XD)
Relationship Status: Couldn't be any more in love, been dating the woman of my dreams for 14 months, and we want to be with each other forever.
Interests: Video games, animated shows, writing, listening to music, daydreaming, monkeying around
Favorite video games: Donkey Kong Country series, Super Mario Bros series (don't have a favorite XP), Tales of Symphonia (one of the few RPGs I really get into, along with Earthbound), Super Smash Bros series
Consoles I own: Nintendo Entertainment System (well, it's actually a Retro Entertainment System, but it plays NES games), Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, DS Lite, Wii.
Favorite video game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Music genres I like: heavy metal, symphonic metal, Jmetal (Japanese metal), Jpop (Japanese pop), rock, just about anything with an orchestra and/or a badass chanting choir, disco (it's a guilty pleasure, don't laugh x.x)
Favorite music groups: Nightwish, Linkin Park, 80's hair bands
Favorite songs: Phoenix (Breaking Down), The Poet and the Pendulum (Nightwish), Song of Myself (Nightwish), Numb (Linkin Park), video game music (all kinds, especially if there's an orchestra and/or choir involved, such as Cantata Mortis & God In Fire from Dissidia Final Fantasy 012)
Favorite movies: V for Vendetta, Happy Gilmore, Toy Story trilogy, Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge
Favorite western animated shows: Courage the Cowardly Dog (favorite), Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Samurai Jack, Codename: Kids Next Door
Favorite Japanese anime: Dragon Ball Z, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Venus Versus Virus (the manga is WAY better, but the anime is a guilty pleasure)

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